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Underwhelmed in RVA
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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
9:03 am
Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot!
This is my main response to Rush and his criticism of Michael J. Fox.

From ps34109 on MSNBC.com
I think it is amazing that the #1 spokesperson for the "family values" right, has been married and divorced 3 times, has no children, is a bigot, is an admitted drug-addict, (except for his money) should be in jail for committing a felony, and takes Viagra with him on a vacation to a spot that is world-known for legal prostitution where many are underage. The zenith of hypocrisy!
12:48 am
My first entry on this thing
As a former user of Blogger.com, I've been looking for a new outlet for my thoughts and a place where I could vent like the days of yore.

Something that pisses me off: I'm so tired of people who insist on seeing all of the world problems in black and white. Why is it people can't be bothered with the complexities and realities of an issue, and instead which to go with the oversimplified extreme choice. For example: welfare. People who are against welfare often say, "Well they just need to get up off their ass and get a job." But don't be people realize that it's a more complex issue than that? It's because most people are ignorant and don't take the time to actually learn the facts about anything, instead going off little snippets they heard from some pundit. The scary thing is, this is how people vote on issues that affect the lives of many people.

Take for example in Virginia this year, they are trying to pass a constitutional amendment that would deny people who have lived together any domestic rights.  The idea behind this is to basically further screw over gays and lesbians and coerce unmarried couples to get married. How unbelievably short-sighted this is.  The argument the supporters of this amendment use basically is (at least in attitude) "Well, them homos ain't supposed to be livin' together anyways, so who cares about their rights. And for all them straight couples livin' in sin, this'll help steer 'em to the path of the straight and narrow."   Unfortunatly, all this will do is further discriminate against a segment of our culture and allow men to beat their girlfriends with the protection of the law.

Do people ever even think about this stuff? Or do they not care?  Ever notice that more people in urban areas vote liberal than in the countryside? Ever wonder why that is?  I'll tell you my theory, I think it's because people who live in the country think it terms of "the way things ought to be" instead of "this is the way things are, and how are we going to deal with it." Unfortunatly, I think George Allen is going to get reelected. Not because he is any better or worse than his undercover Republican opponent, but because he radiates this downhome folksy southern... charm... if you want to call it that.. and people buy into it. People fail to realize that Mr. Allen hails from California and his mother (heaven forbid!) speaks French... oh wait.. and is of Jewish decent.  Not that I have a problem with Jews at all, but so many bigoted citizens of this commonwealth do, yet overlook or don't consider the hypocrisy of their actions and motivations.

More is forthcoming, as for now I need to get some sleep.
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